El Dorado Golf and Beach Club

Between dramatic desert mountains and the sparkling sea coast of Los Cabos, El Dorado offers a beachside paradise where memories are created that will span generations. Additionally, El Dorado’s Villas and Casitas provide a luxurious alternative for families who wish to purchase a finished residence while enjoying the convenience of community-maintained grounds, without sacrificing the luxury, security and exclusivity that El Dorado offers. Sensitive to the cultural heritage of Los Cabos, building and landscape designs will be combined to create homes that are effortlessly connected to the natural environment. Ocean and mountain views, wind patterns and sun orientation provide the framework for living environments that blur the conventional distinction between inside and outside. Buildings and residences will emphasize outdoor living spaces and informal resort living while using the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art technology. Throughout the property and at each residence, a luxurious landscape environment is created with native and regional plant species.