Sailhouse Bungalows

With a small, dense infill site located in an upscale beach community, the primary goal was to create a site layout that disguised the density to keep the project at a human scale. Triplex buildings were designed to look like two homes of similar scale to the surrounding neighborhood and were located along the main public street, with rear-loaded garages. Internally, detached cottages were located on “boardwalk paths” with their garages beneath, accessed off alleys. Architectural landmarks are placed at the ends of the boardwalks for site orientation and to serve as informal community gathering areas. All homes have front yards with fences and porches to encourage a community feel. The exterior architecture is meant to be beach friendly and a fresh interpretation of the existing neighborhood. Residents want a detached feel, builders want density, and cities want infill solutions that are compatible and reinforce the positive aspects of their community.